How we work with you

At First Choice Financial Services, our focus is on achieving the very best financial outcomes for you. To achieve this, we deploy a very rigorous and structured process.

  • We seek to understand the outcomes you are seeking to achieve
  • We determine where you are currently on your financial journey towards achieving these outcomes
  • We agree how we can best work with you in achieving your financial goals
  • We gather all of the necessary information to help us guide you towards your outcomes
  • We carry out detailed analysis of your information and identify the gaps
  • We examine different scenarios and consider all options
  • We identify potential solutions based on where you are today, and what you want to achieve
  • We make specific recommendations to enable you to achieve your objectives
  • We explain each of the proposed solutions in detail to you
  • We find the best providers and products to meet your specific needs
  • We negotiate the very best terms for you
  • We help you to complete all of the paperwork and get the solutions in place
  • We agree a schedule of meetings with you to check progress towards your goals
  • We review progress towards your goals and take action as needed
  • We are accessible and available to you for advice throughout the year
  • We add value by regularly providing you with financial insights