At First Choice Financial Services DAC we offer a wide range of services on retirement. The current Old Age Pension which will kick in for some at age 65, others 66 and for those who are under 50, it may not be until age 68. The current Old Age Pension is in the region of €230/week and this is an entitlement for the majority of people who qualify.

The standard of living which you hope to enjoy in retirement may largely depend on the choices you make before you retire. As you are approaching retirement, there are some very important decisions that you have to make, especially in the current economic climate. Basically, making the right decisions now is the key to financial security in retirement.

Retirement planning becomes a top priority as we get older, with people wanting to know how to invest their money to build a reasonable fund for their retirement.


Please note these guides are not a replacement for professional financial planning advice. Please contact a member of our staff for comprehensive advice on your requirements.

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