Paul Kerr PIB APA – Debt Management Lead

Paul has a lifetime’s experience in commercial and retail banking, having worked in various managerial roles to Sales Director level. In 2010 Paul was appointed to the role of Senior Reviewer with the Government’s Credit Review Office that oversees declined SME lending, and has provided detailed opinions on this important subject. Paul was also involved in the project team that set up Microfinance Ireland and holds a role as an external credit assessor here. Paul has worked on various SME lending projects with Linked Finance, Grid Finance, Frank Mortgages and the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland.

Paul is always keen to help SMEs and/or persons burdened with debt. He also assists clients with funding and fundraising, either as part of, or completely unrelated to bank debt settlement negotiations. Paul and his team have an extremely high success rate in bank debt negotiations, where his expertise is unrivalled.

Phone: 061 317260

E-mail: [email protected]


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